• Businesses that place ads on malicious content will be dealt with
    In order for brands to avoid placing ads on malicious, infringing content, the Ministry of Information and Communications has just announced a White list – a list of licensed newspapers, magazines and social networks. According to the Ministry, over the past time, advertising on the network environment, especially cross-border platforms, has revealed many risks. Advertisers and service providers cannot well manage the display position, so that ads are placed with bullshit, objectionable, even malicious content, against the Party and State, violating the law. serious law. At the same time, the advertising cash flow is shared by the cross-border platform for content producers that violate the law, thereby indirectly aiding acts against the Party and State, as well as spreading fake news. , malicious bad news on the network environment.
  • Signals of job recovery in the manufacturing industry
    There have been some signs of employment recovery in the manufacturing industry, but to be truly positive, it may take until the second half of the year, according to experts.
  • Viettel in Asia’s top for ‘sustainability perception score’
    Viettel is the only Vietnamese enterprise in the list of “Sustainability Awareness Score”, according to the Report of Brand Finance and the International Advertising Association (IAA). According to the “Global Sustainability Perceived Value” ranking, the Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel) ranks 137th in the world. Brand Finance’s calculations show that Viettel’s perceived value of sustainability reaches $1.05 billion. In the group of telecommunications businesses, Viettel leads Asia and ranks 14th globally in terms of perception of sustainability with 5.31 points, surpassing many brands such as Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, China Mobileā€¦