Businesses that place ads on malicious content will be dealt with

In order for brands to avoid placing ads on malicious, infringing content, the Ministry of Information and Communications has just announced a White list – a list of licensed newspapers, magazines and social networks.

According to the Ministry, over the past time, advertising on the network environment, especially cross-border platforms, has revealed many risks. Advertisers and service providers cannot well manage the display position, so that ads are placed with bullshit, objectionable, even malicious content, against the Party and State, violating the law. serious law. At the same time, the advertising cash flow is shared by the cross-border platform for content producers that violate the law, thereby indirectly aiding acts against the Party and State, as well as spreading fake news. , malicious bad news on the network environment.

Faced with this situation, in 2022, the Ministry of Information and Communications has worked with big brands and businesses dealing in cross-border advertising services to rectify; handle administrative violations of many organizations and enterprises. However, the Ministry assessed this situation has not been completely prevented.

To support compliance with online advertising laws, the Department has developed a white list of verified content online. Currently, the White list includes a list of 301 licensed electronic newspapers and magazines. This move is to recommend that advertising service businesses and brands consider choosing ads in the White list to ensure brand safety and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s advertising and digital content ecosystem. .

In addition, the Ministry of Information and Communications recommends brands to actively build a list of malicious content on their network (Black list) to exclude advertising. The Ministry assigns the Department of Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information to be the focal point for synthesizing malicious pages, channels and accounts, and sending them to brands and businesses for reference and application.

The ministry also suggested that businesses providing advertising services and brands strengthen their review of online advertising placements, so as not to be attached to pages, channels, accounts, malicious or illegal content. . The Ministry will direct functional units to strengthen the review and strictly handle cases of advertising placed in harmful content, violating the law.

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